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George was awesome! He was kind enough to help me out last minute! He got my taxes done in time and even got me a nice return! Thanks George! For all your help! I would definitely recommend him to others and will use him again!

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George Ghazarian

Hi, my name is George and I’m a Certified Public Accountant in Los Angeles, CA.  I graduated in 2010 from the University of Southern California, where I earned my masters in accounting.  I have worked in the professional services field since then, in both financial reporting and tax, at national and big 4 firms.  My passion lies in bringing big firm expertise to small businesses at reasonable prices, watching them grow and ultimately being a part of that growth. I work with businesses across Southern California, and thanks to current technologies, all over the country as well.  

I am a SoCal native and a lover of all things outdoors. I currently live in Tarzana with my wife and two kids.


Why Accounting Solutions

My mission is simple: to handle the accounting function at your business, so you can focus on the top-line to grow your business. Over the last decade, I have worked extensively with small, middle-market as well as Fortune 500 companies in an accounting capacity. In that time, I’ve noticed my passion lies in helping small business owners grow their business, while acting in an advisory role throughout that process and being a part of that growth.  I want to bring that level of expertise through myself, and my affiliated network, at an affordable price to your business.

Below, please find some of the benefits of working with Accounting Solutions:

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You may be thinking that working with a CPA in handling your books may cost way too much.  I want to tell you how that is simply not the case.  

First, we are well-versed in utilizing the latest and greatest in tools and technologies that allow us to be many times more efficient than your average bookkeeper. 

Secondly, our hourly rate for bookkeeping services are on par with even the discounted market rates found on third-party freelancing platforms. 

Finally, for ease of mind, we can quote you a fixed price and deadline for any catch-up or clean-up that may need to be performed, as well as a fixed monthly fee for monthly ongoing services.

Clean Books and an Accurate Return

We have seen one pervasive set of issues with many we have worked with, who have tried to save some money through DIY accounting methods.  Capital contributions and transfers between bank accounts will be categorized as income, bank accounts will be left unreconciled for months doubling up on AR receipts and cash receipt bookings, bill payments will not be applied properly, and with this perfect storm, the business owner will scramble to piece something together weeks or days before their extended tax filing deadline. Consequently, they will be paying tax on “income” that was never truly income, or filing inaccurate tax returns that can lead to compliance issues down the line.  And you do not want to get on the wrong side of the IRS, not to mention any of the other jurisdictions! 

In this very typical scenario, when all is said and done, the business owner believed he or she saved money, when in actuality they were out a lot more than they otherwise would have spent, all the while subjecting themselves to a lot more regulatory and compliance risks. 

Don’t let this be you - let us help you.

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Scaled to Your Need

Some businesses are a one-man band.  Some have dozens of employees.  We’ll work with you and discuss your exact needs to give you only what you need.  We would not recommend a part-time controller for a solo practitioner dentist, nor would we recommend only a bookkeeper for a business looking to raise capital, negotiate with lenders, or with multiple locations, projects and employees ultimately trying to grow.  We recognize each business will have its own accounting needs, and will scale and recommend services accordingly after discussing with you.

Custom Reporting

Between additional profit through accurate periodic reporting, as well as potential tax savings, our clients typically improve their cash position by thousands.  What a lot of small business owners don’t realize is that an accurate financial picture at every point in time is both a requirement and facilitator of continued growth.  

A business should continually assess: which project is profitable and which isn’t, what marketing strategy worked over the last several months and which didn’t. These are examples of critical financial related decisions that can only be made with a clear picture of where a business is as of each month-end. 

If your books are currently a mess, we’ll get them cleaned up.  Moving forward, they’ll be accurate and up to date, and give us that clear picture.  Furthermore, we’ll work to develop industry specific key performance indicators, which we will track on an ongoing basis to help us continue that growth trajectory.

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